Nominated for the Herman Wijffels Prize for Innovation 2011, but not the winner

The Herman Wijffels Prize for Innovation 2011 was awarded on Thursday, 3 November 2011 by Piet Moerland, Chairman of Rabobank in The Netherlands and Herman Wijffels. The winners are three brothers from Volendam who developed a survival container whereby 99% of undersized or prohibited fish – the ‘bycatch’ – can be returned, alive, to the sea. With this innovation, the brothers – who are fishers themselves – have made an important contribution to the sustainability of the fishing industry. In making its selection, the jury spoke of an “innovation with major impact, not only in The Netherlands but soon, hopefully, on a global scale”. The first prize includes an amount of 50,000 euros.

Unfortunately, the Fiby Tipper did not qualify for a prize. However, out of a total of nearly five hundred, we ended up in the top ten entrants: a significant achievement in itself.

Rabobank wants to use the Herman Wijffels Prize for Innovation to help entrepreneurs realise promising, sustainable innovations. The selection process lays emphasis on the invention’s impact on the community, its innovative character and the entrepreneur’s contribution to the development of the innovation.