Fiby Tipper is nominated for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize

Fiby Tipper is nominated for the 2011 Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize
We were number 11 of 493 nominations. This in itself is quite an achievement.

Fiby Tipper
A group of companies from Overijssel has a world’s first with the development of a composite tippable trailer for the transportation sector. The Fiby Tipper has a low own weight which permits the transport of an extra 2 tons of load (payload). This results in a quick payback period, much higher daily profit and considerable fuel savings. The Fiby Tipper is thus better for the environment. The tipper is also unique in that it can withstand high temperatures of up to 180º C for the transportation of asphalt. The Fiby Tipper is the first product from, a fully automated factory in which super-strong but lightweight tippers, trailers, container tanks, wheel rims etc. are produced. The product and the production process are patented and are the only ones of their type in the world.

Eleven nominations
According to the Rabobank, the quality of the submissions this year is very high. For this reason, the evaluation committee nominated 11 entrants instead of the usual 10 out of nearly 500 submissions. Who will win the main prize of € 50.000, the € 37.500 second prize, the € 25.000 prize or the € 10.000 encouragement award for young entrepreneurs under 30?

Vote for the people’s choice award on Facebook starting on October 17
 Two professional juries will decide who walks off with the main prize or one of the other prizes. In addition, there is a public prize of € 2.500 this year for the first time. Starting October 17, you can watch a video each of the nominees. Then, you can vote for your favorite innovation on Facebook. You can already find information about the Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize on Facebook.

Awards on November 3,  2011
The Rabobank will announce the winners on November 3, 2011 during an event on sustainable innovation that the Rabobank is organizing for the occasion of the 10th year of the Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize.

Participants in Fiby Kipper

  • Kooiker Bedrijfswagenspuiterij en Carrosserie in Rouveen;
  • Roelofs Kipper in Rouveen;
  • TenCate Advanced Composites in Nijverdal, developer and producer of composite materials;
  • Norma MPM in Hengelo, complex electromechanical modules;
  • CTC (Composite Technology Centre) in Hengelo, composites knowledge center;
  • De Sprong Metaal in Nieuwleusen, mold builders;
  • Oost NV,  East Netherlands Development Corporation;
  • STODT in Hengelo, knowledge Center for the metal and plastic processing industry;
  • Hogeschool Windesheim in Zwolle, Plastics Technologies chair;
  • ThermoPlastic composite Research Centre (TPRC) in Enschede, composites research center;
  • University of Twente in Enschede, the Constructive Technical Sciences faculty.

This project came about with help from Kennispoort Regio Zwolle and the province of Overijssel.