Fiby Container Tank

20-foot composite container tank The transport of fluids over roads, rail, waterways and sea occurs mainly in 20-foot ISO-container tanks. These containers are usually made of steel (often stainless steel) tubes equipped with end caps, bulkheads and all sorts of appendages. This is with respect to access, filling, emptying, cleaning, etc. By applying thermoplastic composite materials (among others, fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced materials), another  – more angular – form is possible. This concerns a durable solution for a completely new container tank in the transportation sector that is deployable worldwide. Associated advantages include the energy costs which, during processing, are considerably lower because of the application of composite materials instead of metals or aluminum.

Other advantages are:

  • Tank volume increased considerably (from 26 m³ to 30 m³).
  • Tanks fit within ISO frames.
  • Weight saving.
  • Application of recycled materials.
  • LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) is much better than steel.
  • Much more durable than aluminum, just as durable as steel.
  • UV-rays have no effect on the plastic.
  • Container tank doesn’t rust.


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