Fiby Truck Chassis

Lightweight, rust-free chassis  Trucks for contemporary road transportation are equipped with a steel chassis. Considerable weight saving can be achieved by the application of thermoplastic composite materials. Fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced materials are up to six times stronger than existing metal materials. This involves a durable, weight-saving solution for a completely new truck chassis in the transportation sector that is deployable worldwide. An associated advantage is energy cost which, during processing, is considerably lower because of the application of composite materials instead of metals or aluminum.  

Other advantages are:

  • The chassis doesn’t rust.
  • Suitable for all climatological conditions.
  • Application of recycled materials.
  • LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) is much better than steel.
  • Much more durable than aluminum, just as durable as steel.
  • UV-rays have no influence on plastic.


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